Gas Historical

The Global Gas Historical Network and the National Organising Committee of the 24th World Gas Conference (WGC 2009) are very pleased to invite you to particípate in the Gas Historical Exhibition that will take place in 5 - 9 October 2009, during the WGC 2009 in Buenos Aires.

Recognising the importance of preserving the historical heritage of the natural gas industry and following the declining resources from the gas companies in general to this objective, the aim of the Gas Historical Exhibition is to sustain this cultural activity, and also to establish a forurn for information exchange about historical collections and documentations.

The exhibition will feature interesting artefacts as well as posters with information submitted by parties who still take a great interest in telling their own “History of Gas”.

We would be honoured to include your company as an exhibitor, providing this important event with historical devices and documents you may be willing to share with the international community attending WGC2009.

The organisation and daily operation of the Gas Historical Exhibition will be under the responsibílity of the Global Gas Historical Network, which is active under the auspices of the International Gas Union.

This exhibition is free from charges and exhibitors would only have to consider the costs related to transport and insurance of the artefacts, as well as the design and printing of their posters. The entrance to the conference will also be at their own expenses.

The selection will be realized on a first come - first served basis and is under the exclusive responsibility of the Global Gas Historical Network and the National Organising Committee.

Organisations willing to participate should send their proposal before November 1st, 2008