Call Introduction

Key Dates:

15 July 2009 Full Paper Submission

31 July 2009 Deadline Early Registration (only for presenting authors)

Submission of Full Papers

Authors of accepted abstracts will be requested to submit the corresponding full papers according to the following:

Presentation during the Technical Programme of the WGC2009

Authors of accepted abstracts will be given the opportunity to present their works at the WGC2009 in a manner to be agreed with the corresponding IGU Technical Committee. Following the acceptance notification, a representative from the committee will contact the authors to arrange and coordinate their activity, which could include participating in one of their Committee Sessions or Expert Fora.

The full papers will be registered within IGU as reference literature (over the IGU and WGC 2009 web sites), and will be included in the proceedings in the CD-ROM to be distributed to all registrants of the WGC 2009. IGU prizes will be awarded for the most outstanding papers/presentations.

Please note that all activities mentioned in this section will only take place if at least one of the authors has registered at the WGC 2009. All authors participating in the WGC 2009 will pay the full conference registration fee.


By submitting the paper, the author accepts the following conditions:

  1. The authors and IGU hold joint copyright in respect of accepted abstracts and full papers.

  2. By submitting the paper, the author declares that it has not been and will not be published on any other occasion prior to the 24th World Gas Conference.
  3. After the conference, publication on other opportunities is permitted, provided the author declares that the paper was previously presented at the 24th World Gas Conference in Buenos Aires.
  4. All accepted papers will be published as part of the 24th World Gas Conference proceedings.

IGU Standard Copyright Clause: “This publication is issued under the auspices of the INTERNATIONAL GAS UNION (IGU) by the Author(s) cited. The Author(s) and IGU hold joint copyright holders. Irrespective of the above, established journals and periodicals shall be permitted to reproduce all or part of this publication, in abbreviated or edited form, subject to the Author(s) and IGU being credited.”